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About Natasha

Natasha uses her wealth of veterinary knowledge, physiotherapy qualifications, and professional equestrian experience to provide physiotherapy treatments for horses in Sussex. 

With a mixture of visual evaluation, manual therapy and electrotherapy, using INDIBA radiofrequency, Natasha treats horses to an exceptionally high standard. She also provides expert advice on any exercise therapy or treatment plans needed going forwards. 

Natasha is able to help all equine patients, from horses in rehabilitation to those just looking for general maintenance, from happy hackers too 4* eventers.


Equine Physiotherapy


Natasha carries out a full assessment on each individual client, and then formulates an appropriate treatment plan.

Equine sessions can take around 1-1.5 hours but can sometimes last up to 2 hours depending on individual circumstances. 

Veterinary physiotherapy treatment can help resolve numerous equine issues, such as soft issue injury, joint problems, back pain, poor behavioural changes, lameness, etc. 

Contact Natasha

Find out what Natasha can do for you and your horse. 

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