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About Natasha

Natasha Wakefield started working in a Veterinary Hospital in 2008 and went on to be trained as a veterinary nurse and qualified in 2013. This sparked her passion for rehabilitation.

Natasha started studying with The College of Animal Physiotherapy in 2014 and has passed all exams. While studying she started working as an equine veterinary nurse in an equine hospital. In the two and half years that she worked in the hospital she gained a lot of great knowledge and experience, from lameness workups, colic surgery and orthopaedic procedures to all diagnostic imaging including, bone scintigraphy and MRI. This knowledge and experience has enabled Natasha to help all equine patients from happy hackers to 4* eventers.


Natasha spent 4 years working in a mixed practice and ran her own Physiotherapy clinics for all small animals, she used Photizo (red/ infrared light), K - Lasers (cold laser), Ultrasound therapy (longwave and shortwave), Neuromuscular electrical nerve stimulation and Magnetopulse machine. Natasha made rehabilitation plans for patients recovering from surgical procedures.  

Natasha grew up with both horses and dogs in her childhood, with her father working as a gamekeeper, which is where her interest in working with animals came from. She has also groomed for some great event riders and hunt horses, so understands how important fitness and wellbeing is for these hard working animals.

Natasha lives with her family in Ansty, with many dogs and a couple of horses and ponies.


Qualified Registered Veterinary Nurse

Diploma in Animal Physiotherapy

Certified Equi-Taping Practitioner


Equine Physiotherapy
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