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Equine Physiotherapy

Under Veterinary Referral, Natasha Wakefield's Veterinary Physiotherapy provides a high quality assessment and treatment service, tailored to the individual needs of the client and owner. Our aim is to be able to restore movement, decrease pain and return animals to their optimal function. 

Equine problems that can benefit from Veterinary Physiotherapy

Soft tissue injury (muscles, tendons and ligaments)

Joint problems (arthritis/degenerative joint disease, pain/swelling/stiffness in joints )

Back pain

Poor performance

Behavioural changes

Lameness (and secondary compensations related to lameness)

Asymmetry due to muscle imbalance

Nerve injuries

Post surgical rehabilitation

Rider related issues 

Treatments include

Manual therapy (such as joint and soft tissue mobilisations)

Electrotherapy - INDIBA Radiofrequency

Exercise therapy

Expert advice

What is involved in an appointment? 

  • Equine sessions can take around 1-1.5 hours but can sometimes last up to 2 hours depending on individual circumstances

  • Veterinary referral and full history intake 


  • Initial Static Evaluation - conformation assessment and asymmetries evaluated


  • Dynamic Evaluation - the animals movement will be assessed. For some this will be simply walking and trotting in straight lines and circles however some horses will be required to be lunged or ridden


  • Hands on assessment - the animal will then be palpated from head to toe to highlight any issues


  • Full physiotherapy treatment - a range of techniques will be applied to treat each individual animal


  • Any homework exercises and an exercise programme will be left for the owner to address the animals needs


  • Written report for owners and vets as required

Assessments are usually at the horses' stable yard, however alternatives are availible; Please contact Natasha for more details. 

All animals require veterinary referral prior to their initial assessment



Equine Physiotherapy

A full physiotherapy evaluation will undergo on their first appointment. This includes review of the history/problem/surgery from the referring veterinarian, individual examination, where I look at range of motion, body measurements, gait analysis, neurologic and orthopaedic assessment, pain score, and a review of any behaviour concerns. 


£75 - £80


Groups of 2+

Group follow up appointments in the same yard for 2 or more horses.





(Radiofrequency therapy)


  • Initial Consult

  • Follow up treatments

  • Intensive courses

  • Area specific


£50 - £80

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All animals require veterinary referral prior to their initial assessment

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